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music roll order form and instructions
Order Form
music roll order form and instructions
Player-Care no longer sells QRS music rolls
Phone: 1-800-870-8784 (for orders only)
Ordering Player Piano Music Rolls at Player-Care is EASY!!
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Payment Options
Credit Card Orders

Player-Care now accepts payment using Discover®, Visa® or Master Card®. To use the Secure Order Form, click here. If you use the Regular Order Form, select 'Credit Card Order' from the 'Payment' drop-down menu. Once the order is received, we'll contact you via email within 36 hours and give you our "800" number and other important information. The email also contains a copy of your E-nvoice©--Click showing the breakdown of the order.

Check or Money Order

If you select Bill Me Immediately, we'll send your Email E-nvoice© within 36 hours with the instructions on where to send the payment. As soon as the payment is received, your order will be sent to QRS.

Frequently Asked Questions
All Orders take about an extra week during the Holiday Season

To place an Order or Ask Questions - Click Here and then fill out the form.
Problem Placing an Order -- Call 1-732-840-8787 (8am-8pm EST)
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To determine if you have a "Player Piano" that will play 88-note music rolls, Click Here!!

XP (or Extended Play) Rolls. "XP" rolls contain more than one song! 'XP' rolls always contain at least two complete songs or a medley of at least three songs. In cases where an 'XP' roll has four or more songs, none of the songs are presented in their entirety. Rather, what is presented is the most recognizable portions of those songs that are listed. In other words, the roll is a medley of sorts. In cases where the XP roll has three or less songs, each of the songs is usually presented in its entirety. However, this is not always the case. 'XP' rolls are more commonly referred to as "Long Playing" rolls. With regards to 'XP' rolls, it has always been the intention of QRS to provide music rolls that "play" for a period of time that exceeds the playing time of any single-play (or Regular) roll.

Is my Personal Information kept private.
Absolutely! "MY PRIVACY POLICY IS AS FOLLOWS: None of your personal data will ever be sold, traded, bartered, or given away. Furthermore, Player-Care (I, me, John A Tuttle -the owner and sole proprietor, operator, and employee of the Player-Care domain of web sites) will not send you any unsolicited advertising or communications via email, phone, or snail-mail. Lastly, and most plainly put, I protect and respect your privacy."
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How long will it take.
Approximately 6-10 working days to receive your order.

When do I pay.
All orders must be 'Paid in Full' before the order is shipped. For payment by Credit Card (click here), or use the Secure Order Form (click here). If you Select 'Bill Me Immediately', I will generate the E-Mail E-nvoice© and send it to you within 36 hours. (Back to FORM)

How may I pay for the rolls.
At the present time, I am accepting payment by personal check, money order or credit card. Checks or Money Orders must be made payable to:

John A. Tuttle
407 19th Ave
Brick, NJ

How do I return rolls.
Regardless of the reason for their return, you only have 30 DAYS to return a roll and all rolls must be shipped to me. You MUST follow
the Directions on the Return Form - Click Here.

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How much is the shipping.
To read the complete story, please visit "The Shipping Page" -- Click Here.

Click here to place an order.

NOTE: UPS typically DOES NOT deliver to P.O. Boxes, so please give me your Street Address unless you know for certain that UPS will deliver to your P.O. Box.

What happens if I don't pay my bill.
Basically speaking, that can't happen because all orders must be paid in full before an order is shipped. However, my business was founded on the 'Trust Principle' of doing business way back in 1973. When a balance is due, I trust that people will pay their bill. However, if you don't; your name, address and the amount due will be listed at the website on the Page of Shame -- click here!

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Player-Care's Information Transmittal Form
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The Test Roll will check 84 of the 88 notes, perform a repetition test, a scale uniformity test, a capacity test, a sustain pedal test and automatic reroll test. It is also adequately marked so that a tempo test can also be performed. You need a watch with a second hand. Seven feet of paper should travel across the tracker bar in one minute at a tempo of '70'. To purchase the QRS Test Roll and other Accessory Items, Click Here!

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